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Activity: Open Jump

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Wed 26 Jun

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Open Jump



Show us your style in our Open Jump Sessions - Featuring over 140 Trampolines
the Open Jump session gives you unlimited access to the park and its fantastic features, Such as:


The Air Bag

At over 40ft long this is an experience you don’t want to miss! With 3 individual lanes this is perfect for anyone looking for the ultimate Rush

Take to the skies in this modern take on an old school classic, Our Court Monitors are on hand to Referee this adrenaline filled team sport.


You've heard of Beach Volleyball and regular Volleyball... Now it's time to try TRAMPOLINE VOLLEYBALL.


Slam Dunk
Use gravity to your advantage and slam dunk like the pros! With 3 lanes and 3 different height challenges, give us your best shot!


Gladiator Beam
Grab your Batons & Unleash your inner Gladiator. In this suspended one on one experience, only fast moves and forward thinking will save you from crashing into the pit below


Reaction Wall
The Ultimate one on one challenge Co-ordination is key if you want to beat your opponent at this fast paced, vertical challenge!


Traversing Wall
This Horizontal challenge will test even the most experienced climbers! Catch the lights and manoeuvre you way across before the timer runs out.

Main Arena
Show us your Style! With 100 interconnected Trampolines, 4 Tumble Tracks and an Extreme Half Pipe, Create your own High Flying, Aerobatic Experience.


-Court monitors are on duty at all times to ensure that everyone can enjoy the park and its activities in a safe and supervised environment. Please ensure that you follow their instructions at all times.

-Grip Socks are available to purchase for £1 per pair from reception  (grip socks from parks are allowed) GRIP SOCKS MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES WHEN ON THE COURTS.
-Please arrive 15-30 minutes before your allocated Jump Time, otherwise you could run the risk of missing your session or having less time.
-Anyone under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times on site (children over the age of 4 are able to bounce alone on the courts) - This is the reccomended age by the NSPCC.
-Children aged from 12 Months and above are allowed to participate in our 'Open Jump' Sessions permitted that that they are accompanied at all times by a participating Parent or Guardian aged 16 or over and the child is able to walk unaided.
-The Parent or Guardian must take full responsibility of the safety and wellbeing of the child under 4 during the session.

-Under no circumstances are children under the age of 4 to be left alone, they must be supervised AT ALL TIMES.

-A ratio of 1 Parent or Guardian to 1 child under 4 is enforced at all times DURING OPEN JUMP SESSIONS.
-Access to the Airbag is strictly prohibited to anyone UNDER the age of 4, this is in line with the manufactures guidelines and Freestyle Trampoline Parks safe operational practice.
-Please Note that the Freestyle Trampoline Parks Safety Briefing Video does include content in reference to Broken Bones, Paralysis and Instant Death. This video must be watched by all participants before access to the park is granted.

Freestyle Trampoline Parks LTD reserve the right to refuse admission to any customer without explanation.